Board of Directors

2016-2017 Officers


Immediate Past President

Catherine Dorn

Rhonda Burlington

President Elect
Vice President

Chelle Davis

Operations Treasurer

Janice Stehle, Shelley Shultz (Asst.)

Service Treasurer

Margo Collins

WALK 2016 Treasurer

Chelle Davis, Anna Meliza (Asst.)

Recording Secretary

Kelly Sautel


Edna Campau
Sarah Giboney
Karen Williams
Wendi Younger

Membership Committee Chairs

Social Activities


Public Relations


New Members

Rhonda Burlington

Celebration of Trees

2017 Area Meeting

Priscilla Esplin


Technical Committee Chairs


Edna Campau

Laws and Procedures

Jo Ann Banning

Fundraising Committee Chairs

Dollar Grow

Peggy Burris

Poinsettia Sales

Chelle Davis/Kelly Sautel

Spring Flower Sales


Gift From the Heart

Debbi Richards

WALK / RUN 2016

Laurie Morrical

Programs of Service – Education

Live Your Dream/Student of the Year Awards

Student Assistance Fund – Clothing and Accessories

Programs of Service – Other

Economic and Social Development – Human Rights Status of Women

International Goodwill and Understanding

Health Committee